Questions and answers

Question : What sort of news do you buy ?
Answer : We will look at most things, from YouTube news, car accidents or anything that will be of interest to others. 

Question : I want to start a YouTube channel what can you do to help me and pay me money? I have a camera and laptop but thats it. 

Answer : With content we like to put links on channels with original ideas, we can help support new up and coming channels but this will not pay so much. However depending on your location there may be some discount codes you can add on your channel which will help. Also we have varous locaitons you can use to make content. 

Question : I need help with everything from the start, I dont have a camera apart from my phone and  that is all I have.

Answer : To get started a mobile phone is all you need, You usually always have your phone with you and can record events, making sure you keep a safe distance at all times. We pay various amounts of money for news items, depening where or who we supply with them. 

Question :  I want to write news articles and never done this before, is this something I can do with you?

Answer : Yes indeed, but as you are a new reporter then payments will be more restricted unless you come up with an exclusive.

Question : I would like to do under cover work, that sounds great fun, I have worked in security before and I am able to look after myself if things get nasty. Is this something you can help me with ?

Answer : Yes, although we only can stress we dont like the use of violence, unless there is no other option. We will expose the person or company online and in court, which is much more rewarding. Do not put yourself or others in danger. 

Question : I have had big problems with a company, is there away you can help me with this?

Answer: Each case is different, with little information it is hard to say, contact us via email so we can contact you, send over as many details as you have.  This will then be passed to our legal team who will look through everything and contact you.